Artist, Josh Jones lives and creates fine art in beautiful Everett, Washington. 

Artist Statement
"My art is born out of pure, earnest joy, created with awe and wonder at the beauty and mystery that unfolds in both nature and humanity. I invite audiences to share in the pleasure and liberation found within each piece."
I love photographing the abundant beauty of my city, from moon rises over the Cascades to urban wildlife in our parks and waterfront. My true passion is capturing sublime scenes and rare moments that require planning and patience.
My hometown of Everett is a working class city that has a deep history of human struggle, from displacement of the Snohomish Tribe to labor rights to industrial pollution. I hope my photos illustrate the beauty that I see in this gritty town, highlighting some of the amazing sights that can be experienced by all who live here, while remembering the people who lived on this land before us.
In 2017, I began creating figurative watercolor paintings at local life drawing groups in Everett, WA. This practice has helped me be more attune to my internal process, which has helped me know myself better.

Time-lapse watercolor painting demonstration.

Growing up in a Christian community, I was taught that women's bodies were a source of sin, but I questioned it. I discovered that church leaders often use shame to control people. Over and over we see the hypocrisy of church leaders burdening everyday folks with misguided morality, and often covering up sexual abuse while attacking or punishing those who attempt to hold them accountable. It is not ok that the shame they put on good people causes deep and lasting harm. 

Art show in downtown Bellevue, WA.

Once I left the church, I replaced my Sunday morning ritual with attending figure drawing sessions. This ongoing practice has been therapy for me. Learning to observe and honor the naked human body with enthusiastic consent and artistic expression has been healing, replacing shame with life-giving joy with every painting I make. I feel so much energy in my paintings because they come from a place of intention and respect, celebrating the beauty and mystery that I sense in another person. For me, replacing the weight of shame brought by religion with an intentional artistic practice was the healthiest decision I could make. Creating nude or semi-nude paintings of classical or erotic poses is life-giving to me, and I hope it is to others as well.
Thank you!