"My art is born out of pure, earnest joy, created with awe and wonder at the beauty and mystery that unfolds in both nature and humanity. I invite audiences to share in the pleasure and liberation found within each piece."
Artist, Josh Jones is a watercolorist and photographer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, creating art for the pure joy of it. After earning a degree in architecture at the turn of the century, Josh went on to a career in engineering graphics, where he honed composition and visual presentation skills. His love of watercolor provided a stark contrast to the technical drawings he produced, and he fell in love with the freedom this medium evoked. Making watercolor figure paintings became his primary artistic practice, creating art as a rejection of the assumption that the human body is something to be ashamed of. Drawn to watercolor’s natural disposition to blend realism and abstractionism, Josh sought to use the medium to capture the essence of his subjects. Each painting is a series of moments; observations of beauty and mystery in layers of pigments. 
Josh continues to paint at his home studio and local art events in the greater Seattle area.
Portrait of Josh

Portrait of Josh

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